The Y. For a better us™


Our members and friends call us THEIR Y. We call them OUR greatest resource – the hundreds of people who work alongside us and support our work help our neighbors learn, grow and thrive.

What if we could harness all of that power to make an even greater difference on a bigger scale?

With programs from A to Z – like athletics to advocacy, and volleyball to volunteerism – we don’t just strengthen individuals, we strengthen our community.

Yet there is so much more to do.

We have an extraordinary opportunity to ensure a brighter future for the Iowa Great Lakes, but we must take action today, and only your support will make it possible.

When you give to the YMCA of the Okobojis, your gift will help young people achieve their potential, empower people of all ages to lead healthier lives, and strengthen the bonds of our community.

Now, when you think of your YMCA you’ll know it’s more than a gym or a camp…it’s a cause.  A cause, that, with your generous support, will continue to strengthen the community in which you live.  Give today!


As a member of the Iowa Great Lakes Community, I know that you share my hopes that the YMCA of the Okobojis will continue to be a strong, positive force in the lives of youth and families in this area for generations to come.

The YMCA Heritage Club was established in the fall of 2011.  The YMCA of the Okobojis is part of the Okoboji Foundation Family of Funds, giving us the ability to offer our donors the Endow Iowa Tax Credit available only through a qualified community foundation.  The purpose of the endowment fund is to provide the YMCA with a stable financial base to carry out its mission today, while allowing for growth in the future.   The YMCA’s Heritage Club includes those individuals who have arranged for a gift to the YMCA’s endowment fund in their estate plans. Those who have joined and will join in the future want to see the values of the YMCA continue to build a stronger community. Membership in the Heritage Club simply includes those who have arranged for bequests in a will or a living trust, created a charitable trust, or named the YMCA as a beneficiary of a life insurance or retirement plan.  If you have put off creating or updating your will, take the time now to make your wishes known!  Please allow us to partner with your legal and tax advisors to help you plan for tomorrow.

View the Heritage Club Brochure!


With a commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living, and fostering a sense of social responsibility, the Y ensures that every individual has access to the essentials needed to learn, grow, and thrive. tile-325x325Anchored in more than 10,000 neighborhoods across the country, the Y has long-standing relationships and physical presence, not just to promise, but to deliver a lasting personal change.

The Bedell Family YMCA, since 2005, is positioned deeply in the community as the hub of youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Membership continues to grow! We are impacting hundreds of families on a daily basis – strengthening the foundations of our community. Your legacy can be forever branded on the wall of the YMCA with a building tile. The funds raised from these tiles will help pay off the remaining building pledge of the Bedell Family YMCA, and ensure a brighter future for our community in years to come. This is a fun, unique opportunity that will allow you to become a permanent part of our Y community.


There is no other volunteer organization quite like the Y.  Each of our volunteers helps move people and communities forward, delivering benefits of good health, strong connections, greater self-confidence and a sense of security to all who seek it.  There are dozens of opportunities to get involved with, whether it is individual work with a youth sport, or on a committee for Camp, we welcome you to be a part of the team. Please share with us the commitment to continued growth and well-being of our youth and community by becoming a Y Volunteer!

To find out how you can volunteer at the YMCA please see the front desk or contact Andrew Fisher at or 712-336-9622.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES  |  CLICK HERE to download the Volunteer Application